Volume 91, Issue 13

Thursday, September 18, 1997



In Closing

Re: Letters to the Editor, Sept. 17

To the Editor:
In response to the letters to the editor I would like to quote the final report of the ombudsperson of the university on the complaint by the Muslim Students' Association regarding its treatment by The Gazette.

"The Muslim Students' Association claims that its treatment by The Gazette has been unfair. I agree that this is so. Some Muslim students individually appear to have been subjected to differential treatment when submitting letters to the editor and Muslim students as a group have been treated insensitively. Furthermore, I believe that unfairness has been on-going at The Gazette for some time."

Upon these findings, the ombudsperson recommended "That The Gazettepublish an apology to Muslims on campus for its repeated publication of the Horovitz cartoon." I would like to thank the USC for carrying out the recommendations of the ombudsperson, an independent arbitrator at the university.

Hani Abid
President of the Muslim Students' Association

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