Volume 91, Issue 13

Thursday, September 18, 1997



Experimenting with new science counsellors

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

Yea or Nay!

When the Science Students' Council was left high and dry by previous president Karan Dhami this summer, members decided to call in the vote for a new head honcho and fill some other positions while they were at it.

In an election last night, former VP-finance Vik Ralhan was officially elected to be Western's Science Students' Council president for the 1997-98 school year. He was acclaimed to his position when no one ran against him.

Because former president Dhami had accepted an offer of admission to attend the University of Toronto, Ralhan was left balancing his previous position of VP-finance as well as that of acting president for the summer interim.

The position of third-year rep was filled by Anju Anand, who expressed her need to get involved despite a history of only being academically-oriented in the faculty.

First-year reps were put under a gruelling question and answer session where they had to name the scientific experiment they most wanted to be. Kiren Fill, Michael Ong, Brian Laski and Carole Danayan were listed as the final victorians.

Ralhan's previous position of VP-finance will be filled in a separate election next week due to problems locating one of the two candidates in this running last night.

A previous presidential election had been scheduled for last Wednesday but concerns from council members about the impromptu nature and lack of student interest had the event delayed, Ralhan said.

The meeting had to be called quickly because Ralhan was filling two positions at once, which left him little time to concentrate on issues he believed were truly important, he said.

"I want to take the council to a higher level by addressing more student concerns, making Absolut Zero more than a magazine of social science slander and bringing in corporate sponsors for student bursaries," Ralhan said.

A tribute was given at the meeting to Luis Jesus, a Western student who died suddenly last year.

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