Volume 91, Issue 13

Thursday, September 18, 1997



Assault in Community Centre puts man in hospital

By Brendan Howe and Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

A young male walking through the ground floor of the University Community Centre was attacked yesterday outside Varsity Authentics while surrounding students watched.

Two male suspects are reported to have been involved in the attack which occurred at approximately 3 p.m. A security guard for The Book Store, Nancy Prince, was standing at the entrance of the store when the assault took place and seized the suspects as they tried to flee up the stairs leading to CentreSpot, she said.

"I saw the victim spin, hit the ground and his cane went flying – then there were two guys running away," Prince said.

Shane Davis, an employee at the Campus Disc booth situated where the assault took place, said the incident was very startling. "The guy went down like a ton of bricks and I heard a girl screaming, 'Call 911'," he said.

Davis said the area was not congested when the assault occured and the Student Emergency Response Team came to the scene very quickly.

Dana Davis was also on the scene when the attack occurred. "Someone just came up and punched him," she said.

Dr. Tom Macfarlane, director of student health services, was at the Tim Horton's by The Book Store when he heard the victim's female companion scream, he said. Macfarlane was the first care-giver on the scene but said he was acting in a good samaritan role rather than as a medical doctor.

Once the suspects were seized, Prince said she brought the two males into The Book Store, sat them onto the floor and by that time the University Police Department had already been called. She said they did not physically resist her although one of the suspects was verbally resistant.

"The two individuals have been arrested but not yet charged. Both have been released pending the result of an investigation," said UPD constable Wendy McGowan, adding the investigation into the victims' injuries and comments from witnesses will determine whether or not they will be charged and the nature of the charges.

Prince described one male suspect as 5"10', 260 pounds with blonde short hair and the other as a 5"8', 180 pound male with black, stringy, curly hair. She said the blonde-haired suspect was firmly built and was being very verbal and the dark haired suspect had a glazed look in his eyes. She said she was sure that he was on some sort of drugs.

"If I hadn't gone after them they would have been gone, nobody went after them and no one helped me when I grabbed them. Everyone was just standing around watching," Prince said.

One of the suspects was carrying a Western binder, she said.

After being attended to on the scene by the Student Emergency Response Team and Thames Valley Ambulance, the trembling victim was taken by ambulance to London Health Sciences Centre.

Dr. Macfarlane said the victim was placed under cardiac monitor, oxygen therapy as well as being put in a neck brace.

As of 1:30 a.m. this morning charges had not yet been laid on the suspects and the attack was still under investigation.

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