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Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997



These gypsies sell their souls to funk

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DON'T MESS WITH THE SOUL. Tough-guy funk-masters Gypsy Soul deliver their groovy tunes at the Embassy tomorrow night.

By Sam Pane
Gazette Staff

It goes a little deeper than movin' yo' ass on the dance floor for the new and improved Gypsy Soul. You may remember them from such albums as – Prescribed Vibe and... well, you remember Prescribed Vibe don'tcha? Yeah you, the one with the funky pants all funked-up for Thursday morning class after funkin' it out at Call The Office all night. Das da kinda funk grandpa George C. and uncle Bootsy like!

WOW! Funk is a fun word, isn't it?

Back to the Gypsy Soul thing. So, I was jammin' it out with guitarist David Krain (OK, I was speaking with Dave – there's that funk again) and he dropped some hints that suggest a new album isn't too far away. Rumor has it the band has actually completed a mystery album shrouded in thick velvety bell-bottoms of secrecy. Alright it's no rumor, Krain told me they have an album kinda sorta together but they're shopping around for a record label and in the meantime working on even newer stuff.

And the stuff!

Since the split between the band and former lead singer Lauren Bauer due to purely musical differences, Gypsy Soul has caravanned its way into a new sound. Krain explains that Gypsy Soul fell into the typecast role of the "college party band," drinking and funking music. Not so anymore, says Krain, because they've widened their appeal and taken in their hem lines to appeal to a wider audience – although they still love us. Expect some "chill out" music on the new album and some cooling down on the funk-o-meter. Krain and new lead singer Marcus (that's his full name) are moving Gypsy Soul in more soulful directions. "Our writing is getting less blatant and more abstract," Krain says.

With so damn many Gypsies, seven in total, I asked Dave how they bring the grooves together. Imagine any sort of consensus in their van for a moment, jam-packed with horns and guitars and drums and other paraphernalia with anything from hip hop to Radiohead to the Police cranked. "Difficult," Dave called it, but obviously workable.

Plans? Hit the road!

Literally. Gypsy Soul wants to get out there and work things in Canada and Stateside, perhaps building on the funk/soul soup craze swimming around bands like Phish. Dave levels it on hype or more appropriately the lack thereof.

Gypsy Soul has never needed hype to fill a bar. With an average age of 22, the band members themselves are finally becoming legal age. The Gypsy Soul gang is playing new grooves and fresh takes on the old tomorrow night at the Embassy. Go on now - Funk off!

GIMME GIMME – Come up to Rm 263 of the UCC today between 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. and tell us your best knock-knock joke using the word "funk" and we'll give you one of two pairs of Gypsy Soul tickets for Saturday's show at the Embassy.

Editors note: The Arts and Entertainment editorial staff are not responsible for the absolute gratuitous use of the word funk in this article.

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