Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997



The looks for fall 1997

All photos by Sam Pane/Gazette

TO THE JUNGLE, JUST SITTIN' AROUND OR HITTIN' THE TOWN. Le Chateau employee Lianne Worby goes military in a camouflage skirt ($29.95) and T-shirt ($24). She wears these with a green tank ($9.95), lace-up boots ($49.95) and military bag ($19.95).

Andrew Turnbull (above) does a modern take on classic tweed in a Dockside tweed sports coat ($195), five-button moleskin vest ($60), sueded cotton dress shirt ($29.95) and North 44 brushed chinos ($78). All from Dockside.

Ready to hit the town is Tamara Rebmann (right) in a black PVC and faux-fur jacket ($98), faux-fur animal print skirt ($29.95) and white turtleneck ($29.95) with an animal print purse ($24.95) from Le Chateau.

FAUX FUR AND LEATHER OH MY. Monica Kuebler and Le Chateau manager Mike Carriere are ready to party. Kuebler is in blue PVC pants ($44.99), silver mesh tank ($25) and a white PVC and faux-fur jacket ($69.95).

Maricel Tampilic settles in to have coffee, Tampilic is wearing a black leather jacket ($399) worn over Club Monaco's Used Jean ($65), ribbed v-neck ($25) and 'The Essential Shirt' ($59).

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