Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997



Misconceptions at Brescia

Re: Affiliates just outside the centre of the universe. Sept. 4.

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Brescia College Students' Council, as concerned student leaders we would like the rest of Western to know what Brescia College is really like.

The article printed in The Gazette on Sept. 4, 1997 is not a true representation of what Brescia is all about. In fact, it is a very small view. So we are writing with hopes of broadening your current perspective of Brescia College.

First and foremost, Brescia is an educational institution just like Huron, King's and main campus. For the most part, our class sizes can be smaller than others. Although only women may be registered at Brescia, our classes are open to all students at Western. In fact, we encourage you to take a class at Brescia before graduating from Western.

You will find your learning experience a unique one as our more intimate and personal atmosphere allows for more personal interaction with professors and they become genuinely concerned with their students' welfare.

We are similar to Huron and Kings in many aspects. Our house rules, for example, are just as strict/liberal as any other residence on campus. We are not allowed opposite sex sleep-overs, nor is King's. Brescia has no curfew, we may come and go as we please.

We have compiled a list of myths and truths in order to clear up any misunderstandings out there which seem to get passed on from one year to the next.

Myth: Men are never allowed in residence. Truth: Men are allowed in the residence on the first floor every day until 2 a.m.. On Saturdays and Sundays men are allowed in residents' rooms from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Myth: Brescia graduates do not receive the same degree as other Western students. Truth: They do.

Myth: Brescia girls wear chastity belts. Truth: Never seen one!

Myth: We are all in training for Sisterhood. Truth: We are at Brescia to receive a solid university degree.

Myth: We are all lesbians. Truth: Brescia accepts all sexual orientations.

Myth: We are all Catholics. Truth: The majority of Brescia students are not Catholic.

Myth: All of our professors are Sisters. Truth: Our professors are a combination of Sisters, women and men.

Myth: Brescia is the only single sex residence on campus. Truth: Kings and Huron have single sex residences also.

Myth: Brescia residence has a "4 on the floor" rule. This means that when male guests are in the residence rooms the door must be left open, and all four feet must be left on the floor. Truth: When male guests are in residence rooms Brescia residents have no restrictions upon them.

The following are some things that we find unique about Brescia College:

– It is the only all-women's university level institution in Canada.

– Our academic environment is geared towards women.

– Brescia is the only institution on campus to have an annual Montreal Massacre memorial.

– Our campus is beautiful, it is filled with lush gardens, walking paths and a stream that runs through the property.

– Our college is small and fosters a sense of community for all students, staff, professors and sisters at Brescia.

Those of us who are Brescia students are here because we love Brescia. It inspires great loyalty, leadership, friendship and the pursuit of success, both personal and professional.

Amy Babcock
BCSC President

Monica Merrill
BCRC Speaker

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