Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997



Please give Jacques a chance

Re: Students take to the concrete beach to rally for unity, Sept.17

To the Editor:
I think it is honourable that a group of students are staging a rally for unity here at Western. It is also honourable that many students are not intending to listen to Mr. Parizeau on Sept. 24 because of some sense of loyalty to Canada.

However, to these students: if you want to remain loyal to Canada and fight for national unity – then listen to him. Do this too:

– Uphold the principle of freedom of expression guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms entrenched in a constitution that you proclaim to love so much.

– Arm yourselves with ammunition to fight the unity issue. You cannot participate fully unless you inform yourself of the entire view of the perceived threat or "enemy".

– If few, or no one attends his speech, then we as Canadians have not done our part in the fight for national unity. By not listening to him, we empower Parizeau to return to Quebec and say truthfully that Canadians outside of Quebec do not care about Quebec.

Finally, what harm will it do to attend? If you are worried about your view of the country being corrupted, then rest easy. By listening to Mr. Parizeau your views can only be enriched and further legitimized.

Kathryn Gilpin
Hon. Political Science IV

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