Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997




Profession prospects

Relief is in sight for students in the faculty of arts concerned about job prospects after graduation.

All undergraduate arts students are invited to attend the Arts Careers' Night Sept. 22, at 5 p.m. in Rm. 1B08 of the Richard Ivey School of Business.

"The purpose of the event is to give students a sense of the value of an arts degree," said Helen Kerr, academic counsellor for the faculty of arts.

There will be a variety of presenters, including faculty members and recent graduates. "The graduates will provide a personal view of how their arts education helped them enter their careers," Kerr said.
–Ed Stack

Community Centre clubs clutter ceases

Western's fall 1997 Clubs Week is set to wind down this afternoon in the University Community Centre.

Peter Ash, a clubs week coordinator, said he was pleased with the interest students expressed in this year's event.

Although the official membership totals for all the clubs will not be in until the week's conclusion, Ash said there seems to be as many, if not more people interested than last year.

The last day of Clubs Week is today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. A second Clubs Week will be held in the new year.
–Ian C. Robertson

Looting at Clubs' Week

Flag down that thief!

Despite a reasonably smooth clubs week, complaints have begun to file in about missing and damaged club banners from the Young Reformers Club and The Gazette, said Meghan Symsyk, VP-student affairs for the USC.

The Water Buffalo's club banner was not stolen but was damaged and has since been repaired, Symsyk said.

"This is really childish and it would be nice if people could give them back," she said, adding it is the students who end up paying, especially for banners of non-clubs.

Susan Roberts, a sales rep at Flags Unlimited, said a typical 10-foot banner can run from $175 to $400. "The cost of a banner depends on the size, number of colours used and basically how elaborate the flag is."
–Sandra Dimitrakopoulos

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