Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997



Quicks & Smirks

Quirks & Smirks explores the opinions of you – the students of Western. Each day we take a news issue and find out what students have to say about it. Today's questions involve the possibility of a public work strike on Monday.

Should the university be shut down because of a labour strike on Monday?

"I think it stinks. It's not fair to me as a student. We pay into education so why should that be taken away from me?"
Bernadine Kop, General Arts I

"It's not fair to the paying student because we have nothing to gain."
Michelle Maenck, Social Science III

Do you support their right to protest?

"You would think the school could come up with a compromise for students. I think it would be better to go through an outside mediator because negotiations like this do not lead to solutions."
Collin Clarke, Biology II

"Everyone has the right to strike but it tends to cause a lot of problems. As a student it really sets you back."
Chantale McIntosh, Science III

"I support the strike because they are doing it for the benefit of everyone in the future. It might hurt students in the short term but in the long term it's good. I'd be out at the picket lines with them but I have to work."
Terri Tomchick, Social Science VI

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