Volume 91, Issue 14

Friday, September 19, 1997



Assault charge laid

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Charges were laid yesterday afternoon for an attack in the University Community Centre which put a Western student in the hospital Wednesday.

The victim, third-year Western student Tamas Der, said he made his statement about the incident yesterday afternoon to the University Police Department. Constable Randy Hewitt of the UPD confirmed one suspect has been charged with assault one, the least severe category of assault.

Der said the man who attacked him, Western student Karaly Huszar, used to be a good friend. He explained when he became good friends with Huszar's sister, Krisztina, he and Huzsar stopped getting along and did not speak for months.

"We had an argument that morning. I never thought he would attack me physically though," Der said. He was walking with Krisztina in front of Varsity Authentics when Karaly punched him, knocking him unconscious, he said. He added he did not fully regain consciousness until he was at the hospital.

"I was leaning with my cane to the left side. He hit my neck and my chin," Der said, adding he was humiliated about the whole incident more than anything.

Der was involved in a serious car accident five years ago which forces him to use a cane to walk.

Vice-president academic Greg Moran said he thinks campus is very safe for students and these kind of things happen very rarely. "Whoever did this will have to pay the consequences."

The second suspect was not charged, Hewitt said. Der did not see the other male accompanying Karaly but found out later the individual was Krisztina's ex-boyfriend, he said. The suspect is not a Western student and Der said he thinks the individual was there only as Karaly's backup.

"What really went through their minds and why they were there I don't know," Der said.

He said it will not be easy for him to forget the incident because Karaly is in two of his classes. It will be difficult to concentrate in his lectures with his attacker sitting in the same room, Der said.

"Ultimately the university has the right to ban students from the premises," said University Students' Council VP-student issues Sam Castiglione.

Der explained the attack affected him more mentally than it did physically. He was released at approximately 6 p.m. from the London Health Sciences Centre with a concussion and some pain in his face but did not suffer any permanent injuries.

"The Student Development Centre provides support and counseling to all students and I hope he'll utilize it," Moran said.

Hewitt said the maximum penalty for assault is imprisonment of five years.

Karaly and Krisztina Haszar could not be reached for comment.

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