Volume 91, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

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I am... united

Re: Students take to the concrete beach to rally for unity, Sept. 17

To the Editor:
I would like to address some of the comments made by the organizers of the Parizeau speech. For Mr. Klanac to suggest that the event is "an inappropriate response" is baffling. He states that the speech is intended to provoke dialogue, but we know as recently as today that separatists do not want dialogue. They simply want to break up our great country. Having a public rally in support of a united Canada is a totally appropriate response to having a separatist on campus. Furthermore, what kind of dialogue does Mr. Klanac want to provoke? How to rip apart our country? Because that is all that separatists wish to discuss these days.

As far as Mr. Dose is concerned; of course he is angry, because we are taking the steam out of his meal ticket. We do not intend to disrupt anything or just stand around and shout. We will be singing "Oh Canada," waving our flags and showing all Canadians, including those in Quebec, that we care very much about the unity of the country which we will soon inherit. Mr. Dose is correct though, in saying that no one learns from shouting. But no one is going to learn anything from a group of separatists who do not want to sit at a table with other Canadians to work out any differences. The "I am Canadian" rally is designed to show our love for Canada and to act as encouragement for all parties to seek a solution to keep this great country united!

Nawaz Tahir
"I am Canadian" rally

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