Volume 91, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

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Read it in the bible, not in The Gazette

Re: Our Lord in heaven, Sept. 18

To the Editor:
I am writing to address the letter printed on Sept. 18 which expressed concern with The Gazette's depiction, in a cartoon, of God procrastinating and drinking a beer. As I recall, the cartoon suggested that God had spent the first days procrastinating and had to create the world in one "all-nighter".

If anyone truly believed that this is true, or considered God a "wild partier" because of one cartoon, I would be genuinely shocked. After all, we are all university educated, if one chooses to believe in the Bible's version of creation, I sincerely hope that they would have the common sense to read it IN THE BIBLE and not in The Gazette!

I do appreciate that Mr. Khouri was insulted by the cartoon and he has every right to express that. However, to insinuate that students at Western are naive enough to believe something depicted in a cartoon is simply unfair. It was a JOKE, and in my opinion, an extremely clever one.

Erin Jones

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