Volume 91, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

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Quirks & Smirks

Quirks & Smirks explores the opinions of you – the students of Western. Each day we take a news issue and find out what students have to say about it. Today's question involves Western's president Paul Davenport.

Do you think that President Davenport has done a good job as president?

"He's done a fair job, but I think he could do better. I don't know if he's listened to student concerns enough. He says 'yeah, yeah, yeah, that's all I can do' and brushes over the problem."
–Agnes Popiel, Administrative and Commercial Studies III

"I don't think he's going to do much that personally affects me anyways."
–Andrew Gaunt, Engineering Science III

"I'm having a good time here, so I guess it's cool."
–Laura Campbell, Physics II

"I don't think he really raised his voice enough or used his influence to keep tuition down. I never heard his opinion on the virtual sit-in."
–Zachary Zylawy, Computer Science/Physics II

"I wouldn't say he's done a bad job. I've never known any different. So sure, keep him."
–Jennifer King, Psychology III

"For the most part I think yes, but especially with tuition and student input it would be better if he paid more attention. A lot of my friends got really upset with the way he approached it."
–Chris Brown, Computer Science IV

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