Volume 91, Issue 15

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

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Western tennis team is loved all around

By David Vernon
Gazette Writer

The varsity tennis season began on Saturday as Western's contingent travelled to Kingston to face Queen's and the University of Toronto.

The Mustangs took "the worst grubbing and thrashing they had ever seen," losing 6-1 to Toronto and 7-0 to Queen's, coach Anthony Glavanic said

Rookie Jamie Dunnett was a bright spot for Western, as he played an extremely hard-fought match against Toronto's Kirk Patterson. Dunnett, who has a very well-rounded game, notched the lone Mustang victory.

The coaching staff maintains the team played very competitively and with the loss of Paul Chaffner, their top player last year, the team has a new look and attitude this year.

Along with Dunnett, Aiser Ania and Rob Mauko are also newcomers to the team and will have to learn the ropes quickly if Western is to have a successful season.

"They have the potential to take their talents somewhere, as long as they stay focussed on the task at hand – playing quality tennis," Glavanic said.

To improve on their third-place provincial finish last year, Glavanic said he wants to concentrate on two areas – winning low in the line-up and spilling their guts out on the court.

The Ontario University Athletics' top brass decided to restructure the number of games played and points awarded for each win this season, with a shift of emphasis away from the doubles matches to singles.

Assistant coach Dino Sartoretto believes the doubles matches are "not even worth playing anymore."

This new alignment is believed to hamper the performance of the tennis team, as it will not allow the Mustangs to, "win low in the line-up" and steal a win here and there, said Glavanic.

The new look for the meets will also take away from the depth of the line-up and put a stronger emphasis on individual play.

Looking to the next meet in Waterloo on the 27th, coaches Glavanic and Sartoretto promise a completely different outlook and more importantly, a different outcome.

It appears the young Mustang team is full of talent, but has not yet realized what it takes to win at the university level.

"We had a lack of teamwork both from the rookies and the veterans," Glavanic said. "The physical game is there, but the mental game has to be found."

Home Schedule

Sat. Oct. 4, Men's vs. McMaster/Brock
Sat. Oct. 18, Women's vs. McMaster/Queen's
Fri. Oct. 24, Women's OUA team finals
Sat. Oct. 25, Men's OUA team finals

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