Volume 91, Issue 16

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

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Rally is poor choice

Re: I am... united, Sept. 23

To the Editor:
In his letter to The Gazette Nawaz Tahir the "Ordinary Canadian" rally co-organizer wants to have it both ways. He rails against Mr. Parizeau and his views and then concludes with the observation that the official "Ordinary Canadian" rally organized by the campus political parties is to "act as encouragement for all parties to seek a solution to keep this great country united."

Hmm. If Mr. Tahir has ruled out forums such as Mr. Parizeau's talk then how exactly does he see the parties coming up with a solution? More rallies?

Look, rallies and protests are nice and all but they're a poor second choice when it comes to dialogue and discussion. Any discussion on separatism has traditionally been between Ottawa and Quebec officials. This is a rare opportunity for "ordinary Canadians" to discuss the issues face to face with one of the principals. When else do Canadians get opportunities like this? As polite Canadians we have been so conditioned to our roles as passive observers in our destiny that protests are normally about as good a chance as we get to be heard.

So Mr. Tahir can be forgiven for his party's zeal in organizing a rally. That's usually what we do when there's no other chance for our views to be heard. But it's time to snap out of our recently-found activist zeal and appreciate the opportunity that Mr. Parizeau's visit brings.

Sounds to me like something an ordinary Canadian would do.

Bob Klanac
USC Marketing and Services Manager

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