Volume 91, Issue 17

Thursday, September 25, 1997

sacre bleu


Offensive poster

Re: Quirks and Smirks, Sept. 18

To the Editor:
The Quirks and Smirks section in The Gazette on Sept. 18 asked students their opinion on uwOUT's posters which depicted homosexuals partaking in explicit sexual activities. This letter comes as a response to the attempted justification by uwOUT president Alexa Duggan. First of all, she cannot believe that we are so startled because "it's nothing (we) don't see in the mainstream media except that it isn't heterosexual." I'm not sure what stream Ms. Duggan is swimming in, but MAINSTREAM mediums like the London Free Press or BBS have yet to publish even heterosexuals involved in such acts. Furthermore, is her next statement, "It is art....," supposed to convince us that we shouldn't be offended? Are we going to accept that rationale? Would Duggan expect us to not be offended at artistic posters depicting pedophilia and sodomy, two other examples of deviant and repugnant behavior? She continues: "if we are offened (by the posters), we should be offended by the art in the McIntosh Gallery." At this point, her faulty argument exposes itself. She should have quit before she made this conclusion. Does she really expect us to compare a picture of a man performing oral sex on another man with, say, a still life of ancient currency? Or, should a mother who takes no offense in reading Good Housekeeping, be equally tolerant towards Hustler, or Playboy?

The University of Western Ontario prides itself in being "tolerant." I would suggest that we are becoming "terminally tolerant." I use that term in the same way I would use "terminally ill." Perhaps we should examine some of the arguments, like the one we were given last Thursday, with a little bit of rigor.

Dave Theobald

Biology II

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