Volume 91, Issue 17

Thursday, September 25, 1997

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Planning to fail?

Re: How to succeed

To the Editor:
Are you planning to fail this year?

Of course not! What a dumb question! But if you are not planning to fail, it stands to reason that you must be planning to succeed. And the good news is that your Westernizer can help. It is full of useful info, tips and strategies on how to succeed.

One page I particularly like is page eight. This page invites you to note the due dates for each assignment, to keep track of your goals and actual grades for each assignment, and to note, too, the percentage of the final course grade which each component grade represents. A sort of truth-telling mirror of your academic year, this page can help you fight off self-deception that tricks so many students into failing.

Every summer I talk to students who explain why they failed by pointing an invisible finger at that trickster, Self Deception. These are some of the trickster's favourite lines:

"Never mind it was only a quiz."

"Don't worry, you know when the crunch comes you can pull it off."

"Say you're doing OK when someone asks, you know you will in the end."

And of course there are those other famous lines: "You only live once" and "Tomorrow is another day." You only have one academic record. Protect it. Remember your goals. Be aware of the requirements of your program. Use your Westernizer and plan to succeed!

Frances Bauer

UWO Ombudsperson

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