Volume 91, Issue 17

Thursday, September 25, 1997

sacre bleu


Greek garbage shows disrespect for campus

Re: Rubbish on Concrete Beach

To the Editor:
Over my past seven years here at Western, there have been numerous letters and complaints about the garbage that used to cover Concrete Beach at the end of a warm, beautiful afternoon. The installation of numerous garbage cans and recycling bins as well as the growing amount of consideration that Western students have for one another have almost eradicated this problem.

To my (sarcastic) surprise, a walk on the beach following the Monday of Greek Week, revealed that maybe things haven't changed all that much. All of the areas in which the various fraternities and sororities set up shop were strewn with pop cans, Coke bottles, empty chip bags and the like.

A walk the next day on the beach was even more hazardous, as a group of fraternity gentlemen were (illegally) driving their car on the beach in the afternoon. My toes were but inches from being yet another victim of the fraternity system.

I question why the University of Western Ontario and the University Students' Council allow these groups to associate themselves with the university. Their continuous infractions and disregard for others is unacceptable. Is it going to take another incident like the hazing death at LSU last month to finally make Western wake up to these issues? Spare us the bollocks about all of the good for the community that there fraternities and sororities do. Certainly none of you have any courtesy for the remainder of the university. Please pick up your garbage.

Dory Boyer

Meds III

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