Volume 91, Issue 17

Thursday, September 25, 1997

sacre bleu



Health for beer money

Tomorrow marks the last day to opt-out of the University Students' Council student health plan. All full-time undergraduate students are covered by the university's plan, but have the opportunity to opt-out.

Some 8,000 students have other forms of coverage, said Bob Klanac, USC manager of marketing and services.

Reimbursement cheques will be available some time early November for those people who have opted-out.

Klanac said students who have not yet signed up for the opt-out program can do so by bringing a copy of the alternative company coverage, medical benefit card or signed letter from a legal guardian to Room 373 of the University Community Centre.
–Katie Warfield

Walk in the park

The third annual International Superwalk for Parkinsons disease is taking place Sunday at Springbank Park in London.

Dale Conners, chairman of the walk, said the event will feature a live entertainment stage as well as a children's area for the first time.

Approximately 150-200 participants are expected to take part in the 5 km walk which will hopefully raise over $13,000 for The Parkinson Foundation of Canada, Connors said.

Free T-shirts are being provided for pledged walkers, as well as a picnic after the walk which will begin at 1:45 p.m.
–Andrea Carey

Big suit on campus

The fall elections to determine who will represent students on the Board of Governors and Senate will occur Oct. 21-22, however, nominations close today at 4 p.m..

Anyone wishing to have a bigger voice on campus can pick up a nomination form for any position in the University Students' Council office in Room 340 of the University Community Centre.

"If these positions aren't filled it's a loss for us as students," said USC chief returning officer Tim Morris.

Nomination forms must have 10 signatures and include a brief statement in 75 words or less explaining why you want to hold the position.
–James Pugsley

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