Volume 91, Issue 17

Thursday, September 25, 1997

sacre bleu


Quirks and Smirks

How important is the unity issue?

"It annoys me when I see french people who want to separate. Canada is such a good country it would be sad if we lost our unity."
–Michelle Scott, Kinesiology III

"I know there are certain issues needed to be discussed but for those who want to be separate, get over it."
–Marty Molott, Social Science II

"I think unity has lukewarm importance because I don't think a unified country has a significant affect on Quebec society. If they separated they would be forced to depend on Canada anyway because they don't have the economy to support themselves."
–Liz Delaire, Arts III

"I think unity is a big issue because it would make a large difference in both the Canadian and Quebec economy and infrastructure."
–Arsh Jain, Science III

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