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Volume 91, Issue 18

Friday, September 26, 1997

Captain Scarlet


Sugary pop, Calgary-style

©Jay Blakesberg/polydor

By Monica Leone
Gazette Writer

If one looked in the dictionary under Zuckerbaby, the word would probably fall somewhere between zucchini and zymotic. The word zucker actually means sugar in German, which makes perfect sense when describing this band.

"Sweet pop. Yeah, that'll work," says Andy Eichorn, vocalist and guitarist for the Calgary quartet. "We like melodies and we enjoy writing songs that you can tap your foot to and enjoy."

Zuckerbaby sites influences from all the decades. The band enjoys music from the '60s to the '90s, but still manages to take its brand of pop music into a new millennium. Nonetheless, Zuckerbaby makes it clear that it isn't out to "change the world."

While the band's music is parallel to the great pop bands of the past, they still has a quality that is all its own. The band's new album is full of uplifting, well-arranged songs that have breathtaking harmonies and catching melodies. These songs make the listener feel good and help capture a sense of innocence, youth and naiveté that is missing from the jaded, overly cynical pop music of today.

"We came through a really dark period over the last five to six years," says Andy. "We really couldn't relate anymore with the dark music of the time."

Still, for a pop band from Calgary they certainly did communicate with the fans and record companies. After extensive touring in Calgary, these companies started to take a real interest in the band.

"[We received] a lot of serious offers," explained Andy. "Even U.S. companies were involved. We finally decided to go with Mercury though." While Zuckerbaby was not wanting or waiting for a deal, the dream of becoming successful was always present and now the band is well on its way to stardom.

Andy, along with guitarist Reed Shimozawa, bassist Brian Doos and drummer Wayne Stadler, is in the process of tackling the eastern portion of this great nation. "We've been blown away by the response out here," explained Andy, who was quite surprised by the support that his band has received. "We enjoy touring out east even more. We were fully expecting no one to know us." Little did they know that just four months after the release of their debut album they would be doing a full, cross-Canada tour.

Zuckerbaby is currently on tour with fellow west coast rockers, Age of Electric and Andy explains that "it's just like being with a bunch of your high school friends and hanging out together." After the tour, the band will take a little time off to just "relax."

Besides being on tour, Zuckerbaby's first video "Andromeda" is currently in rotation on Much Music. "It was a a lot of fun to shoot," exclaimed Eichorn. "All the jumping and stuff. It was like filming a movie."

The video was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia and was Zuckerbaby's first attempt at video making – and not a bad one at that. Still, "Andromeda" is just a start, as their newly-released, second single for the song "Heavy" is soon to become a hit. So, the next time you find yourself looking in the dictionary for words like good, pop, or band, make sure that you look under Zuckerbaby.

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