Volume 91, Issue 18

Friday, September 26, 1997

Captain Scarlet


Taking revenge against musical labels

By Clare Elias
Gazette Writer

Today's music is moving to new levels. Words like alternative and classic rock are overlapping, forming new sounds. Mollies Revenge is a west coast band which is definitely not about categories or classifying, but about pushing new ground. Although where that new ground is – is still a mystery.

This five-piece band's strong connection was formed three years ago. Its first single, "Humble," was released mid-April of this year. The video was released shortly afterwards, receiving plenty of air time on MuchMusic.

Cellist Lisa Wagner claims the band's sound is an inclusion of variations of music. "Humble" has a more poppy sound whereas the rest of the album has a groovier vibe. The band incorporates different elements of mainstream music to complete the sound of Mollies Revenge. "Certain aspects are very alternative, others more classic rock," Wagner reflects. "Whereas the completion of the album has a more groove funk to it."

Even though the band doesn't want to be categorized, Wagner admits that it does have grunge influences. This album, resonating from their producer Rick Perisher (also known for working with Pearl Jam's Ten and Temple of the Dog) pulls this grunge groove into its tracks.

The band's aim is clarity.

"It's difficult to find that balance with each member bringing different aspects of music to the studio," Wagner says. This new ensemble is learning to gather strength by using these different traits to its advantage.

Difference and openness is what the band is about and it wants this openness to be projected to audiences. "We want listeners to see that we are not a thrash band, we're about being understanding of people." Wagner realizes openness is not a one-way street. The band's image needs to shave its hard edge to reflect the album's livelier sound.

The band is striving to portray themselves with strong sensuality. "A lot of people see sex as taboo," claims Wagner, "but we're trying to hit a tender, dark spot." Dark and brooding aspects are definitely a part of their lyrics, as evidenced in the song "Threshold." "Don'tcha wanna feel something real, Don'tcha wanna feel it beating (screaming), pushing the threshold to feel alive," sings vocalist Yvette. And Mollies Revenge is definitely alive. Its music is awake and aware of its surroundings, as this sixth-sense is fed into its lyrics.

"People are always wanting something new," claims the cellist – and Mollies Revenge is just this. "The mainstream enjoys a certain style and then they need something new, a stimulus." The band offers lyrics which are vengeful – yet pleading – and backed by a varied instrumentation. This Canadian ensemble has a hard-edge resonance tempered by sensual overtones.

Experience the intensity of Mollies Revenge this Saturday at Call The Office. Come up to Rm. 263 of the UCC today at 1 p.m. to win one of three pairs of tickets to see the band with Salmonblaster. Just tell us your best story of revenge.

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