Volume 91, Issue 18

Friday, September 26, 1997

Captain Scarlet


Cliff empties mailbag

Cliff's Mailbag is a weekly column which attempts to answer the myriad of questions inquiring Western students are going out of their minds trying to figure out. From Western questions, to science questions, to inane trivial nonsense – intrepid Cliff will ferret out the answer...or DIE TRYING.

Dear Cliff,
Okay. Someone please explain what's with the corn field next to the McIntosh Gallery.
P.S. Does Barq's really have bite?

To answer this interesting inquiry, Cliff asked Catherine Elliot-Shaw, curator of the McIntosh Gallery.

It turns out the corn is actually part of an art exhibit started last spring by artist Ron Benner and will be shown in the art lab in the Visual Arts Centre from Nov. 6 to 27.

The name of the piece is Trans/Mission: Corn Vectors and according to Elliot-Shaw, deals with the role of food in culture and its use as a power tool. Also, the exhibit attempts to shine light on the knowledge indigenous peoples have about crops such as potatoes and corn.

The corn is only one part of a larger exhibit entitled foodculture. The current exhibit inside the gallery also deals with these issues. Cliffy says, check it out.

As for your second question, don't mention biting and barking to a mailman or else Cliff might have to climb a clock tower. After that, things may get a little bit bloody.

Dear Cliff,
Why do the caretakers in the UCC leave the toilet seats up in the women's washrooms after cleaning them?

Far be it from Cliff to pass judgement on one of his readers, but caretakers scrub dirty toilets in order to give the students a kinder washroom experience. If they happen to leave the toilet seats up, Cliff thinks we can forgive them of this small trespass.

However, Cliff did contact Dave Riddell, senior director of the physical plant for some solution to this querulous quest. He did not have an answer for Cliff, and said "That's going to take some considerable research." He did, however, promise Cliff that a reply would be forthcoming. Look for it next week.

Until then, look before you sit, lest you find yourself in need of a dinghy.

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