Volume 91, Issue 19

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

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What you already know: Chopra pays homage to the spirit

By Yaseen Nimjee
Gazette Staff

Deepak Chopra paid homage to the spirit Sunday afternoon with a guest lecture at Alumni Hall. Speaking to a near capacity crowd, Chopra discussed his theories in relation to the mind-body connection, destiny and various states of ecstasy.

Chopra, a medical doctor and former chief of staff at New England Memorial Hospital, taught at Tufts University School of Medicine and is currently the education director at the Chopra Centre for Well Being in La Jolla, California.

He is the best-selling author of various books including Path to Love: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Way of the Wizard, Ageless Body Timeless Mind and Quantum Healing. The latter two books have brought him the most notoriety, as they relate to his theories on the spirit and the human body.

Those who came to Chopra's lecture were not disappointed as he delivered his ideas with precision, making excellent use of his abundant vocabulary. While verbose at times, Chopra's pattern of thought always came through clearly as he explained a number of spiritual topics brought into both conceptual and relative terms.

He spoke about the "hidden" decision maker – not part of the mind or body but an entity that works behind the scenes to make decisions both mundane and extraordinary.

As a medical doctor, his examples and explanations were scientific in terminology as well as content, yet he did not alienate audience members unfamiliar with these terms. A sense of validity was brought to the largely unprovable, simply in the way it was explained.

Chopra was candid about how the traditional scientific community regards such theories. At the same time, the trend in both medicine and scientific research leans progressively to nature and its relationship with man.

Speaking to an audience largely unfamiliar with his philosophies, Chopra held the group's attention with anecdotes and humorous interludes as well as emotional experiences.

Both young and old, skeptical and faithful received a little wisdom.

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