Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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In pursuit of fun, sweat and beers

By Tim Merrill
Gazette Staff

In this day and age with every cheese-eating indie band trying to bend over backwards to become the next media slut, too many people seem to forget the reasons they formed a band in the first place.

There's something to be said for getting together with your friends, a few guitars, a little beer and just having fun. Driven by the sheer fun of jamming and fuelled by an insatiable thirst for beer, Greg "Stick" Chmelski, and Russ Fairley formed the nucleus of the Toronto-based band, Yes For 3 in the spring of 1995.

Starting as a standard high school basement band, Chmelski and Fairley recorded numerous tracks over a two-year period, compiled on the 1995 CD release Drinking, Yes, Drunk, No. After playing a major show at the Opera House in Toronto, Yes For 3 has played sporadic shows throughout Southern Ontario, wherever the beer is free.

"Our plan is to basically just play small," says Fairley. "We don't intend to jump out there to be picked up or whatever. We consider ourselves entertainers, as opposed to musicians." While the band takes some of its influential cues from early Van Halen and Brian Adams, the trio manages to mold an original sound – both live and in their recordings.

As Chmelski explains, "We're pretty spontaneous in writing our songs. We come up with a title we like and then we build a song around it. Some nights we can write three songs, and it will come off and then we may not be able to write a song for another three months."

The band's most recent CD release is the widely distributed Young Skin Sampler EP. According to guitarist Chmelski, "the new CD should be out in the summer, hopefully July."

While Yes For 3 take a completely down-to-earth attitude toward playing together, they still find it stressful at times to play live, in front of their friends.

"We play off the crowd and get into having as much fun as they do, but sometimes it's the worst playing in front of your friends. They can be the world's worst critics because if you screw up, they'll be the first to tell you."

From the packed turnout to see the band at Christina's Pub in March, it appears they have little to worry about in the way of criticism. If you missed them the first time, be sure to truck down to Christina's Pub tomorrow night and feed the boys a beer or two.

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