Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

cash grab


And the winner is...

As the school year quickly draws to a close, there is cause to take a look back at all the events that made headlines this year at Western and around the world. Of these, The Gazette would like to award those who deserve the appropriate recognition.

– Julio Iglesias' "to all the girls I've loved before" Award: United States President Bill Clinton.

– The Golden Fairy Tale Award for the worst Little Bo-Peep impression: Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity when they lost their sheep and left if for dead on Sigma Pi's doorstep.

– Lorena Bobbit Award: Mike 'the knife' Harris.

– Media Hog Award for the person who appeared in Canadian headlines on a daily basis: Guy Paul Morin.

– Best Jenny Jones Makeover Award: Preston Manning (except those voice lessons didn't seem to do the trick).

– The Nice Surprise in the Cereal Box Award: USC presidential candidate Warren Tilston (in a race of flakes...)

– Award for the best national disaster: Ice Storm '98 (With special thanks to El Nino).

– Tunnel Vision Award: Western's administration, for their insistance to have it their way or no way, no matter what the issue.

– Trophy for the worst Hollywood comeback: McCauley Caulkin. Once known for being a child star, Caulkin is now making headlines for being the newest up-and-coming child husband.

– Have Some Cheese With Your Whine Award: VP-student affairs Meghan Symsyk.

– Gold medal for the person to most enjoy the glory of his 15 minutes of fame: Ross Rebagliati.

– Award for the word deemed most politically incorrect by the USC: Frosh.

– The Gazette's favourite word: Frosh.

– The Sally Field "They love me, they really love me" award: Jean Charest.

– Money must be growing on trees award: to the USC for the $12,500 blue curtains purchased for the UCC.

– Best Name at Western: James 'VP without a cause' Deans

– The Jimmy Hoffa Award: former Ontario Minister of Education John Snobelen.

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