Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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A source of info and humour

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

They call it the InfoSource. And that's what it is – a source for information.

InfoSource is the welcoming mat of the University Community Centre and witnesses approximately 20,000 people a day walking by its front counter. It's staff spend most of their day answering questions, selling bus tickets and directing people to various services within the UCC and around campus.

"It's kind of like being a cop on a downtown street – you see everything," said Bob Klanac, manager of marketing and services for the University Students' Council.

But what makes the InfoSource job really interesting is the not-so-normal inquiries they receive.

"We are our own worst enemy sometimes because of our name," Klanac said. He explained that sometimes the questions that come across the desk of InfoSource are beyond their realm of expertise. Here are some examples of inquiries they've had this year:

– "What should I do with a dead body?"

– "Hi. I wondered if there is a singles dating service at Western?"

– "How do I get to Maple Leaf Gardens?"

– "I have to get to the bus station. Will Greyhound pick me up at my house?"

– "Is there a Tim Horton's in this building?"

– "Do you know where my class is?"

– "How do you spell 'possess?'"

– "What's going on this weekend?"

– "Can I have a ticket home?"

– "Where is the InfoSource?"

– "Can I have a strip?"

Caller: "Can I leave a message for my son?" InfoSource: "Does he work here?" Caller: "No, he's a student there though. Can you just post it? Hopefully he'll see it."

Caller: (8:59 a.m., during exam period) "I can't remember where my exam is being held, can you tell me?" InfoSource: "Sure. What course?" Caller: "English 20." InfoSource: "That is being written in Thames Hall at 9 a.m. today." Caller: "Shit." (click).

Caller: "I'm looking for a professor. Can you help?" InfoSource: "Sure. What department?" Caller: "I don't know." InfoSource: "What's his name?" Caller: "Ted."

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