Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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Listening or hearing

Re: What's that you say? March 25

To the Editor:
Michael Werenich's letter details the number of hours the government has spent HEARING public concerns. However, Mr. Werenich fails to make the distinction between HEARING and LISTENING. The Tories spent countless hours hearing the Megacity debate, but did they pay any heed to the overwhelming opposition to the bill? No, this is classic Tory policy; dismiss the concerns of citizens as those of "special interest groups."

According to the Harris Tories, those who have concerns about welfare cuts are just "interest groups." Those who have concerns about health care cuts (which incidentally, the Tories promised would not be used to fuel their $5 billion tax cut) are "interest groups."

Mike Harris has said he would not acknowledge the concerns of a huge percentage of the population, which he calls interest groups, because they were not the ones who elected him. Well Mr. Harris, I didn't vote for you and I still have to abide by the laws which you introduce. That's called democracy and I suggest you read up on the concept. You are the premier for the entire province, not just for those who voted for you and you have a duty to govern in the best interests of the entire province.

Steven Polak
President UWO Young Liberals

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