Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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Crusty soap dish

Re: Cleansing student bodies on Concrete Beach, March 26

To the Editor:
As one of the writers of Concrete Beach, I am open to criticism and realize that the project is not without flaws. However, the lack of objectivity by the critics for The Gazette astounds me. Reporters are supposed to give the whole picture. It was a surprise to me that our school paper, which I thought supported school talent, could so blatantly cut it up.

Concrete Beach is without a doubt "worth a look" and should not be judged on what I believe was a poorly thought-out article. The main thing the writers criticized was the technical and post-production work. For one thing, we are not dealing with a professional production company, we are talking about TV Western. The station itself has a very low operating budget, so we had to put the entire show together on virtually no budget. For that reason alone, what was accomplished was a great feat. We were also not striving for the look of "a little place called Melrose." We wanted something different, dramatic, but also humorous.

I am open to other opinions – good or bad. If it sounds as if I am just angry at a bad review – that's not it. I just want people to understand how much work went into this. Nobody was getting any reward for taking a part in this project. It was meant for entertainment and I think that we achieved this (if you look past the fact that we are students who have never done anything like this before and had no money with which to do it). It is also not only Western's first soap opera, but also the first ever university soap.

I didn't see the final production until its premier, but I was impressed at the end result. I think that you would be too, but you can only judge for yourself if you tune in. The premiere will be shown every day on TV Western at 1 p.m..

Amanda Lamers
Arts I

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