Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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Reasons for conflict

Re: Atrium space source of conflict, March 25

To the Editor:
What a shocking performance from the JSU! Their idea of peacefulness was clearly demonstrated by their rude behavior and loud remarks to reliable sources, live video documentaries and actual photographic images proving peace is not really in their hearts.

Based on the unresolved comments made from the meeting chaired by the USC on Friday, March 20 and the phone call I received from the JSU last Saturday, it demonstrated the heart of the matter was about space in the atrium. Isn't it ironic how the JSU was fighting for our space in the UCC just like they are fighting for our land in Palestine!

You tell me, are these the signs and intentions of a sincere peace?

The unapproved and unauthorized flyers emailed to every JSU member and passed out by Mark Zelunka (roommate of the JSU's political chair) on the morning of the event was deemed extremely offensive and pointed a dirty finger at the USC. To use the USC and the innocent way the booking was made was a scapegoat and a cheap tactic to avoid the real reason the JSU were afraid of the event – confronting the truth! The fact is, even if the event was booked on a different day, the Jewish extremists would have still felt the same way.

In this case the USC has been completely understanding and fair on the decision they made, giving the ASA the space and opportunity to make aware the still existing fears Palestinians face everyday.

I feel the Jewish suffering of the Holocaust entitles them the entire right and duty to show the truth behind what really happened, expressing their devastation. And it is clearly our right to show our torment and frustration. As Dr. Atif Kubursi, professor of economics at McMaster University eloquently put it, "How can the victims become the victimizers?"

What could they have demonstrated if their peace day was granted, other than hypocracy and white lies! In the meeting with the USC, it was said they wanted a table in the atrium to defend themselves, whereas three days later they decided to call it a peace day. There are always two sides to every story and in this case it has evidently been established.

TV Western's manager Mario Circelli was appalled by the way our video documentary was shut off at 12:30 p.m. due to the JSU members' complaints. It was an official documentary by American and Jewish journalists and interviewers displaying the true beatings and battering of the innocent Palestinians by the Israeli soldiers at every check point and in every Arab home. Mario approved the video and agreed that on the JSU's Israel day, they were allowed to show hundreds of Jews being thrown into fire pits, a very gory sight for sore eyes. The truth hurts!

The ASA event, "Palestine – 50 years of Dispossession," was to show the other side of the story, the catastrophe that has been hidden and blocked out by the Western media, earning the credits, "A very informative and in some cases eye-opening display!"

All the Palestinians want peace, but a just peace, one where both sides can live equally, happily and freely!

Taymoor Marmarchi
ASA President

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