Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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Generation hopeless

Re: Atrium space source of conflict, March 25

To the Editor:
The disappointment I feel at this moment is hard to describe, yet I feel it is important to offer what I think to be a valid opinion to a very sad and unfortunate situation. Firstly, it is important to view the issues surrounding the cancellation of the proposed JSU/ASU Peace Day in an unbiased light.

Frankly, members of the Arab Students' Association, disgusted with the treatment of Arabic people in Israel, decided that participation in the approaching Peace Day within the UCC would not be in the ASA's best interest. The turmoil which ensued beyond this point regarding the USC's questionable decision to transform this day into an ASA-only event is of concern to me personally, but does not lie at the heart of this letter, or the heart of my utter disappointment.

Throughout history, political and moral difference has spurned war upon war and breeded hate upon hate. Traditionally, it has been up to the young adults of the world to harbour and create an environment of growth and understanding. During the Vietnam War, college students across North America joined to establish a voice to endorse peace. Now, in the ever confusing and troubling days that fill the twilight of this millennium, the search for peace in a troubled world has never been so important and it is once again up to the future, or more directly us, to shoulder the load.

It is when I hear that a proposed joint peace day between Jews and Arabs is cancelled that I realize our generation is on course for failure. Failure in the task that is progressively bestowed upon every single person born into a world with political, religious and racial walls. This task is to look past the differences driving us apart, while we focus on the issues that unite us.

Joshua Epstein
English IV

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