Volume 91, Issue 98

Thursday, April 2, 1998

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Who is the real hypocrite?

Re: Atrium space source of conflict, March 25

To the Editor:
As a non-arab and non-jewish student at this university, I would like to comment on the event held last Tuesday in the UCC.

It is evident there are cruel acts being committed all over the world at any given time. But I find it somewhat appalling that the Arab Student Union saw the need in publishing sheets of paper with former/current Israeli Prime Ministers depicted on them and being labelled as "Mass Murderers At-Large."

If you would have included your own current/past leaders on that sheet as well, in an effort to protest terrorism on both sides of the border, I would not have had the opportunity to label you 'hypocrites' now. There is a saying that some of you should take to heart before acting on your next quick impulse:

"A mother came to Ghandi and asked him to tell her son to stop eating sugar (as it was bad for his teeth). Upon which Ghandi told her to return in two weeks. Two weeks later the mother returned with her son and repeated her question. So Ghandi said: Boy, stop eating sugar, it is bad for your teeth!" The astounded mother got angry and asked why he had not said that two weeks ago. Ghandi replied: "Two weeks ago, I still ate sugar myself!"

Please do take this to heart, before some of you turn into the next generation of mindless haters.

Alexander Geiser
Honours Politics IV

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