Volume 92, Issue 49

Tuesday, December 1, 1998



Student upbeat with friends in final days

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

The flag atop University College flew at half-mast yesterday to honour the recent passing of an outstanding Western student.

Andrea Bailey, a fourth-year engineering and computer science student, passed away Thursday, as a result of a battle with liver cancer.

"She was the most beautiful, fun, intelligent person I know. Everybody loved her," said Nicole Pereira, a third-year engineering student and one of Bailey's best friends.

"I greatly appreciated her as a student. She was very hard working and kept an excellent average while studying towards two concurrent degrees," said John Tarasuk, a Western engineering professor.

Bailey's funeral was held yesterday at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. "It was a very well done ceremony. Andrea wanted everyone to celebrate, not mourn her passing," Pereira said.

Bailey's commitment to her peers was attested to by her participation as a residence Soph for the past four years. "She is a fantastic person really, very cheerful and very involved in the UWO community," said Tess Ocol, a third-year engineering student, also a good friend of Bailey's.

Tarasuk said that at the request of her family, an apple tree was planted in Bailey's honour outside the Engineering Science Building. "We decided to break with tradition and dedicate the tree to her while she was still with us," he said.

Tarasuk added a similar memorial will be set up in her hometown of Calgary.

"She thought it was really nice, she was very aware of what was happening and even picked the type of tree," Ocol said.

In October, Tarasuk, with the help of friends and faculty, established a scholarship fund in Bailey's name. The scholarship will be awarded to outstanding women in the engineering program. "We're currently in the process of raising 20,000 to 30,000 for the fund," Tarasuk said.

Bailey was thoughtful and selfless enough to give gifts to her friends before she died. "She even bought us presents to remember her by," Pereira said

She added Bailey maintained a valiant attitude up until the moment of her passing. "She was brave, right through to the end."

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