Volume 92, Issue 49

Tuesday, December 1, 1998



Crushing media images of women

Re: Shedding light on bare bones, Nov. 24

To the Editor:

I understand that the woman in the ad was Madonna, but there is still an issue about putting extremely thin women in ads, magazines and on television. I think our society needs to have more average-sized women in the media. All the really thin women in the media are leading us to believe that this is the way we should all look to be popular.

This is one of the factors leading to the high number of eating disorders in this country. Models are an average of 27 per cent (or higher) thinner than the average woman and only about three per cent of the population are actually that thin.

So these models and many others in the media portray a false image of our society. Many people believe this is a true image and try to get the same look, which is unnatural for the majority of people. I think this is the issue behind putting half-naked or really thin women in magazines.

This is why I feel there should be more people in the media that portray the average person. Again, I know that ad was Madonna and I think it fit with what the company wanted, but I am talking about the media in general, not any specific ad.

Kathy Britton
Kinesiology III

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