Volume 92, Issue 49

Tuesday, December 1, 1998



Improved bus service

Re: Bus pass

To the Editor:

The one thing that angers me the most about university, specifically the new bus pass system, is that there are not enough buses to transport the vast number of students to their destinations.

Have you ever been standing in the cold rain waiting for the bus to come and pick you up? If so, then you know the feeling to look through your frozen eyelids to find that the bus is too full to stop and let you on. This is what happens to me everyday. Why is it that I pay the same amount of money for my bus pass as everyone else and I get left behind? Evening bus schedules are the worst of all. You have to wait half an hour just to catch the bus and then it is so full that you hug the person standing beside you, just to keep from falling over.

I would like to suggest that the University Students' Council speak with the London Transit Commission and have more buses available. The routes in need of buses: Richmond 6, Wonderland 10, Dundas 2, Whitehills 9 and all of the other buses which only come every half hour.

We pay for this service, therefore we should be served well. When the number of buses are increased, then student satisfaction will increase. Buses are our only transportation and if we miss class because of the inconsistent number of buses, then we are not going to support this program.

I feel that if this problem is not solved, then it will decrease our reliability on the bus system and the USC.

Jenny Morton
Psychology II

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