Volume 92, Issue 50

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

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Confusion ensues over tuition deadlines

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

A mix-up surrounding tuition fee deadlines caused some graduate students to believe they were required to pay tuition a month earlier than before.

"There was some confusion last Thursday and Friday from some students who thought their fees were not due in December," said Carolyn Rowland, registration coordinator at the faculty of graduate studies.

Rowland said several students were worried when they believed their tuition deadline had been cut from January to December. That was not the case because tuition payment arrangements have always been due in December, she explained.

Rowland added the confusion occurred in only one department. "It was related to [the physiology] department only, but has since died down. We straightened it out," she said.

According to Rowland, graduate students have until Dec. 18 to make arrangements to pay their tuition. Those who thought otherwise had just been misinformed.

Elisa Bowley, service representative for the office of the registrar, also confirmed the deadline. "It is the 18th. That information was just passed to us [yesterday]," she said.

To make the situation slightly more confusing, the December due date may have to be postponed pending the delivery of fee packages.

According to Cindy Morrisson, a graduate programs assistant for the faculty of information and media studies, the mix-up occurred as a general delay in the delivery of fee packages. "Normally, we get them out in mid-November," she said.

Morrisson added the due date for payment arrangements may be extended because the faculty has yet to receive the fee packages from the office of the registrar. "We'll probably get them by the end of this week, but we don't have a definite date yet," she said.

Dave Simmons, a PhD physiology candidate, said the fee structure is debatable. "It's a pretty stupid thing. The first term is always tough because you have to pay twice in four months," he said.

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