Volume 92, Issue 50

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

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It's time to give up the goods

Re: Canadian Club opts for sovereignty from Huron, Nov. 26

To the Editor:
I am writing in response to a couple of issues regarding the former Huron College Canadian Club. In fact, at no time did the Huron College Students' Council want to have the authority to "accept or reject" speakers which may have been arranged by the Canadian Club.

What we did propose, however, was that any future event would be subject to the joint approval of the students' council and the administration of Huron College. This approval would serve largely as an endorsement and would ensure that the HCSC was well informed as to the planning of events.

By being well prepared, the HCSC could have assisted the Canadian Club by ensuring facilities and other arrangements were available and may have helped avoid the circumstances which led to the cancellation of the October event featuring Peter Jennings.

I was surprised to read that Mr. Easter intends on affiliating the Canadian Club with the USC and has made arrangements to make an application to change "their charter to the main campus." Surely he is aware that the USC acts as the financial unit for every student club and that, should their application be successful, the Canadian Club would be submitting to allow the USC the right to regulate and control their finances completely.

If one of the principle reasons for the club's decision to disassociate itself with the HCSC was because they were not willing to provide an accounting of their finances with us, it is somewhat puzzling that they are now prepared to do so for the USC.

Of course, it is possible that the Canadian Club has not done their homework on this point yet. If their "national charter" prevents them from disclosing, let alone surrendering, any of their finances, it would appear that they will be a Canadian Club with no affiliation to either the HCSC or the USC.

Does that sound like much of a student-based club to you?

Bill Simpson
Huron College Students' Council

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