Volume 92, Issue 50

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

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Good students heading south

Re: Tuition hikes

To the Editor:
We cannot take anymore tuition hikes in the future. For some reason, the university has forgotten that we are students and can't afford to pay thousands of dollars annually for our education.

We may be in professional school, but we aren't professionals yet (the university does not treat us as such anyhow!) and the majority of us do not have a steady income. Where do we get the money? From parents, from bank loans, from government loans and from as many bursaries as we can possible qualify for just like every other student. But our tuition is three or four times higher.

With a tuition this high and threatening to increase, the system is automatically cutting out a large population of students, who simply can't afford to go to medical school. By forcing us to rely on our parents or on banks, the system is making it harder for those of us from a less fortunate background to be here.

The reality of the situation is, when looking at paying over $50,000 for the four years of medical school, many students balk. They go into related fields. They go into unrelated fields. They give up their dreams because of down to earth money matters.

When you look at our class, we will finish with an average debt of $75,000, for a total of over $5 million. Having completed a degree and faced with the task of paying that debt back, is it any wonder that over half of us are contemplating going south of the border, at least for a few years? How do you expect us to do otherwise?

We cannot take anymore tuition hikes in the future.

Heather Cockwell
Medicine I

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