Volume 92, Issue 50

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

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Find a balance

Re: Anti-consumerism not welcomed, Nov. 25

To the Editor:
I am writing to express my disappointment in the University Students' Council's refusal to allow Western's chapter of Oxfam to display posters in the University Community Centre to promote Friday's Buy Nothing Day. The USC was concerned about the possible impact of this on vendor sales in the UCC.

In Wednesday's Gazette, VP-campus issues Peter Hill stated that, "Buy Nothing Day is not bad, but it must be balanced." It appears to me, however, that the constant bombardment of consumerism every day in the UCC already creates a substantial imbalance in the other direction.

The purpose of Buy Nothing Day is to educate students about excessive consumption in Western society. The USC's refusal to allow the promotion of an alternative to this indicates to me that it is more concerned about local corporate interests than about the broader worldwide problems created by overconsumption – which Buy Nothing Day attempts to bring to light.

Naomi Mann
Scholar's Electives III

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