Volume 92, Issue 51

Thursday, December 3, 1998

shifting alignment


Fair equity commissioner

Re: Tense situation could be avoided, Nov. 27

To the Editor:

It is important to realize that the Indo-Pakistan political dispute over Kashmir has two points of view. The Pakistan Students' Association has presented their analysis of the situation during "Kashmir Day" but there is also an Indian view to be considered. Both have their merits and flaws.

While I noticed some constructive discussion coming out of this event, there has also been bitterness and anger. I feel that in the future, an event with both Indians and Pakistanis participating, endorsing peace and friendship would increase trust and understanding without blaming one side.

With regards to the character of Mr. Mohammed Shafiq, the equity commissioner of the University Students' Council, being an Indian myself, I feel that he has acted in an honourable, sincere and unbiased manner throughout. His character is beyond reproach.

Anyone who feels otherwise should first understand the process by which his portfolio works. He is responsible for Equity Week itself, not for reviewing and censoring materials used by up to 65 clubs. The USC is not a censor. It is ultimately a club's responsibility to stay within the limits of honesty, fairness and decency.

I would also like to remind WICSA that when they claim to represent India, they grapple with a huge responsibility. India obtained independence from Britain by non-violent methods and great sacrifices by humanitarians such as Mahatma Gandhi.

These methods influenced great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King and Aung Sang Suu Kyi. India is the world's largest secular democracy and probably the most culturally and religiously diverse nation in the world. I humbly suggest to WICSA that they take this responsibility more seriously in the future, as their current political performance is quite unimpressive.

Prabu Hariharan
Science III

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