Volume 92, Issue 51

Thursday, December 3, 1998

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Commercial sports

Re: It's time to realize things change, Nov. 26

To the Editor:

I hate to be beating a dead horse on the subject of wrestling when there are more important issues to be focusing on. However, I am confused about where Mr. Alexander gets his ideas from.

Mike seems to be very hung up on the fact that he keeps seeing the wrestling issue from a sports perspective. Professional wrestling never has, nor ever will be a sport. Sport is COMPETITION, wrestling is EXHIBITION.

Apparently Mike missed the point in my letter which is the same one he addressed in that the BUISNESS has indeed changed (have a look at the letter, it's all there). As far as his idea about wrestling luring the '90s children and making it more profit-oriented is quite compelling. Imagine someone in the entertainment business wanting to increase profit! The nerve of them! Luckily Mike doesn't have to worry about the way they lure in people because he has never admired a female nor uttered any inappropriate or pointless profanity.

I am quite sure the "powers" behind the scenes of pro wrestling are not too concerned of the direction they are taking in an already disgraceful society, as long as those ratings are high every week. So let's not look at this from something it clearly is not – a sports perspective. If anything, look at it from the bigger picture of what is truly the driving force behind wrestling and all other business. This time I got just one word for ya – capitalism.

Jamie Logie
Sociology II

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