Volume 92, Issue 52

Friday, December 4, 1998

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Headstones disappoint

Randy Quan/Gazette
I KNOW WE'VE NEVER SAID IT BEFORE, BUT I REALLY LOVE YOU MAN. Hugh Dillon and Tim White share a moment at the Drink on Wednesday night.

By Mike Murphy

Gazette Staff

The Headstones were obviously in no hurry to hit the Drink's stage Wednesday night. Hugh Dillon and his boisterous crew of rockers let their music-starved audience go hungry until about 11:10 p.m. – when they finally made an appearance.

All the anticipation did allow fans a satisfying, well-deserved catharsis when front man Dillon launched into his first few songs, but on the whole, the Headstones were not worth the wait.

The band has perfected its image as a bunch of bad boys with attitude to spare and they did look fearsome and imposing on stage. However, while the style was there, the Headstones were lacking in substance – the music was mainly mediocre and uninspiring.

Granted, the irrepressible and irreverent Hugh Dillon has a remarkable stage presence and is great fun to watch. Dillon's combination of nonchalant cool and rocker fury make him a compelling figure. Exchanging cigarettes, beer and looks of utter disgust with the audience, Dillon epitomizes bad ass rock 'n roll. His voice may have left something to be desired but he more than made up for it in verve and charisma.

Dillon was backed up by Ted Carr, an undeniably talented guitarist and Tim White on bass. While Carr's lead work was competent, the shirtless White, gleaming with sweat, played with all muscle and no talent. Compounding White's ineptitude was the poor performance of drummer Dale Harrison, who should have been at the lost and found in search of a beat.

On the whole, Dillon's mesmerizing act just wasn't enough to rescue this show from the clutches of mediocrity. Devoted Headstones fans obviously enjoyed the band's capable treatment of big hits "Smile & Wave" and "And" from the group's latest album, but the memorable tunes were too few and far between.

The Headstones may have a couple of gold records under their belt, but their dismal performance on Wednesday was an unsatisfying reward for the fans who waited an hour and a half to hear them.

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