Volume 92, Issue 52

Friday, December 4, 1998

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A clarification

Dear Reader,

In today's issue of The Gazette you will find the year's fourth edition of Pravda magazine inserted in the fold. In response to some queries we've received and confusion which may have come as a result of this insert, this is a clarification.

Pravda is in no way part of The Gazette. It is the promotional magazine of the University Students' Council and is inserted into The Gazette against the will of those who work here.

None of the information which is contained in the magazine is written by The Gazette and it is in no way affiliated with this newspaper's editorial content or policy. We have absolutely no say over what goes into that publication and it is the only thing that you will see in The Gazette where the editorial board does not make the decision on its inclusion.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done by us to stop Pravda from being inserted into the paper because of a USC by-law. It states that a supplement can be inserted into The Gazette "averaging four consecutive pages on a bi-weekly basis in which the USC will provide its constituents with public information."

The reason this clarification was not made upon Pravda's initial insertion is because we were under the impression the magazine was going to be in The Gazette twice and then was going to be distributed separately. Apparently, what was said in discussions with members of the USC was misinterpreted and was later clarified when we were told it was only a condition which would have taken place had Pravda appeared inside the actual paper on newsprint and not a fallout insert.

The Gazette abides by the highest morals of journalism when covering events happening around Western's campus – the most sacred of which is objectivity. Every effort is made to ensure that students, faculty, staff and other members of the university community are provided with coverage on the issues which concern them. The Gazette's coverage is what has made it the premiere student newspaper in the country and its daily status only strengthens this.

Pravda magazine is attempting to use the paper's penetration on campus for its own promotional interests.

We do not feel Pravda enhances The Gazette's coverage and we do not agree with its insertion. Our volunteers spend too much time trying to make Western's student newspaper a quality product for that quality to be compromised by the work of a select few individuals.

Regardless of USC by-laws, policies or actions, The Gazette will continue to provide you with a balanced and unbiased account of the day's events.

The Gazette.

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