Volume 92, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 8, 1998



Making no small change

A vice-president's work is never done. This is the lesson VP-finance David Small was taught soon after he decided to take on the role as defender of the financial interests of the University Students' Council.

While Small was kept busy taking care of the books for a multimillion-dollar corporation, he felt as though the tasks he was asked to defend prevented him from battling more pressing issues. "Because of the way the post is made up, it is really a defined position. It doesn't leave a lot of room to expand."

Small hinted this might be something he would like to change for next year. This would free up the VP-finance position to take on other responsibilities such as being a watchdog over the university's finances.

While the council positions underwent a major restructuring last year, next to the position of USC president, Small's position was the one which was least affected.

Creating a club finance commissioner to take on some of the administrative roles of the finance position is another one of the changes Small would like to add to his portfolio. This would make it possible to increase the scope of the position for next year. "I'm getting paid too much money to input names," he said.

Although Small may be limited in expanding his role, he has had some success in completing the promises he made to the Western community, including his promise to audit the finances of more USC clubs and making changes to the way money is distributed to smaller faculties.

Still, Small failed to carry through with every venture he set out to accomplish. He explained he was unable to convince residences of the benefits of being incorporated into the USC banking system. "They just were not interested."

Making the Western community more closely knit is something else Small regretted not being able to accomplish. "One of the things I wanted to do that I don't think has been done is to create stronger ties with faculty and affiliated colleges."

Some of the other promises Small made during his campaign last year are also going ahead as planned, but he said they may take on a different form than he had originally envisioned.

Small had wanted the responsibility for long-term planning for the USC to be delegated to a long-term planning committee. He said he believes it is still a good idea but could be better managed by the Board of Directors which meets weekly.

From council's perspective, Small said he was pleased with the way they have stood up for what they believe in. "We are not afraid of what might happen. We were not afraid to do things to get what we wanted to see done."

Future Battles

- Creating a Student Financial Handbook which will provide students tips on preparing for interviews and what to include in a resume
- Income Tax clinics to help students prepare their returns during the second semester
- Re-approach residences about joining the USC banking system
- Planning for a Financial Awareness Week for sometime in February

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