Volume 92, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 8, 1998



Student views

As part of our mid-year assessment of the University Students' Council we used our espionage tactics to gain some intelligence on what students think of Western's defenders. We asked students a few questions to find out how much they really know about Western's heroes – or zeros.

Out of the 20 people surveyed, 60 per cent voted in last year's USC presidential election, 15 per cent did not vote and 25 per cent did not vote because this is their first year.

Of the people we questioned who did vote, one per cent voted for Pete Hill, 33 per cent did not remember who they voted for, 50 per cent voted for Ian Armour and eight per cent voted for Warren Tilston.

What is the best thing the USC has done this year?

"The bus pass by far and saving O-week."
–Allison Vance, Psych IV

"They cheered really hard at the [Yates Cup] football game."
–Jason Vurma, Ecomonics III

"The bus pass."
–Ben Hazzard, Social Science IV

"I don't follow it much."
–Lorraine Kustermans, Science III

"I like the idea that the Wave and The Spoke [may be] on the meal card."

–Kevin Pawlik, Biology II

"I don't really know what they've done, but I hear people bitching about what they've done."
–Matt Crosbie, Social Science I

"I liked the save O-week. I think they're doing pretty good."
–Sarah Cameron, Science I

Is there anyhing the USC has done that you don't agree with or is there anything you would like to see them do?

"The Arab Students' Association's freedom of speech contradicts Oxfam [and its denial of free speech]. They have to be a little more consistent along those lines."
–Earl Almeida, ACS I

"One thing I don't really like is the bus pass. I liked it at first but it's too much money [to replace]."
–Ben Hong, Economics III

"I don't really know what they're responsible for – I don't know what kind of contributions they've made."
–Tina Wadham, Kinesiology II

"The sculpture. I'm not too impressed with that."
–Jason Hrycyshyn, Electrical Engineering II

"I don't really know what they've done."
–Evelyn Wright, Biology II

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