Volume 92, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 8, 1998




Huron's first English exam

The writing proficiency of students at Huron College is under examination.

The first two-hour assessment was given to all first-year students in September and will be given again to all graduating students in January, said Huron principal David Bevan. He added this is the first objective assessment of students' writing proficiency in Canada to his knowledge.

According to Bevan, the initiative came from a collective faculty task force which measured the difference between a first-year student and a graduating student in terms of their communication abilities.

Students taking the test are given an article from a periodical from which they are asked to write a summary and then an essay related to the article.

The students' ability to write critically, their ability to organize information as well as grammar and the range of vocabulary are some of the factors which are looked at in the evaluations, Bevan said. He added all results will be published in an educational journal.


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