Volume 92, Issue 53

Tuesday, December 8, 1998



Unbelievable propaganda

Re: Fifty years of human rights violations against Palestinians

To the Editor:

I am writing to clarify the caption under last Thursday's Gazette front page picture of Hussein Hamdani. The caption read "he recounted his personal experience in Palestinian occupied territories." It is the fallacy within this statement I refer to.

Yes, Mr. Hamdani recounted some experiences, but the rest of his speech was full of his own hateful opinions. Instead of focusing on the problems in policy and actions of the Israeli government and army, Mr. Hamdani targeted Jews as responsible.

I regret that the Arab Students' Association chose to include a speech by Mr. Hamdani in its day's activities, because it overshadowed the important message. Human rights violations have occurred in occupied territories, regardless of whether or not they can be "substantiated" by reasons of national defence, safety or victory in war. Instead, Mr. Hamdani targeted the Jews as responsible for killing Arab people and even "white" Jews as supremacists because they look down upon Ethiopian Jews who are "black."

These incorrect messages promote hate and ignorance in people's minds. And now, I walk around campus in fear of discrimination because I might look Jewish or have my name recognized as Jewish by every individual who passed through the UCC and accepted Mr. Hamdani's views as truth – not racist and radical as they are.

Do not believe the stereotypical propaganda of this individual.

David Wasserstein
Environmental Biology III

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