Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

and to all a goodnight


Quirks and Smirks

How are you spending your holidays? Here are some responses

from Western students.

"I plan to spend some time with family and then go to New York for New Year's to visit my girlfriend."
–Graham Heaton, Scholars Electives II

"I'm going home to Trinidad to party, on the beach."
–Nadia McCarthy, Administrative and Commercial Studies II

"I'm staying with my family here in London and then going to North Bay for the rest of the holidays and maybe go skiing."
–Michael Rodgers, Mechanical Engineering III

"I'm going to Florida and then to the Bahamas. I'll get my prescription filled in Nassau."
–Sara Mintz, Political Science IV

"Scotland. My family's there. Then I'm going to the biggest New Year's party in Edinborough."
– Andrew Grant, Geography IV

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