Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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Financial woes plague frat

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

One of Western's fraternities recently had its charter suspended indefinitely by its international chapter, due to financial delinquencies.

Delta Tau Delta fraternity's Arch Chapter recently voted to make this move, as a result of a failure on the part of Western's chapter to pay annual fees, initiation and pledge dues, said Brett Dyess, director of chapter services for the Delta Tau Delta international organization.

"Their charter has been suspended. They are not a representative of Delta Tau Delta currently."

Dyess said the fraternity has owed an amount of money for a year and a half in the range of thousands of dollars but definitely not more than $10,000. He added he is hopeful this situation can be cleared up so the charter can be re-established. "We don't grant charters with the hope of pulling them. We hope it lasts forever, but it wasn't happening with this group."

Tim Shortill, a second-year political science student at Huron College and member of Delta Tau Delta, said every year, at any given point, a fraternity owes money to its international and it is news to him they have been suspended. "We have not been contacted in any way letting us know our charter has been suspended."

He said their chapter is currently under negotiations with their head office to determine exactly what they owe. "Everything will be cleared up after Christmas."

Allan Skok, president of Delta Tau Delta, said because the outstanding debt is from so long ago, they want to see a breakdown of exactly what they owe money for and not the lump sum total they have received. "They want money, that's what it comes down to."

"A Canadian chapter to them is very important. They only have two in Canada. Getting rid of us doesn't look good on them," he added.

Jason Shoemaker, president of the Inter-fraternity Council, said although rumours have been circulating, as far as he knows there is nothing to worry about and the fraternity is in good standing with the IFC. "I have no knowledge that would make me feel they would have to leave [the IFC]."

Shoemaker explained according to the IFC's constitution, fraternity chapters pay dues to their international fraternities, who in turn pay dues to the National Inter-fraternity Council. Although he was not aware of the indefinite suspension, he said if the international organization no longer recognizes Western's chapter, there could be a problem because they would not likely be recognized by the national council.

He added while this is something he has to look into, if Western's chapter was not meeting the constitution, Western's other fraternities would likely have to vote to decide on what their standing should be.

"I would say it's probably not just them that have some money owing to their international. I just think that they obviously have larger problems than most other groups would."

Dyess said the chapter has until mid-January to petition the international's board and pay off the outstanding debt or the suspension will become permanent for a minimum of four years.

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