Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

and to all a goodnight


Thefts, hit and run ring in holiday season

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

The University Police Department experienced a relatively quiet week on campus as most students were cramming for exams.

However, Const. Wendy McGowan of the UPD said they are requesting the help of anyone in the area of Alumni Hall last Wednesday at around 8 a.m.. Apparently a tractor trailer which made the turn onto campus at the Western Road and Lambton Drive entrance hit a decorative monument on the island of Lambton Drive. "It has been classified as a hit and run," said McGowan, explaining there was $4,000 worth of damage done.

"If anyone saw anything we would appreciate them contacting us," she said.

McGowan said they received reports of thefts on Dec. 1. A student had a Discman stolen from a computer engineering lab in the Engineering Building around noon and another student had a gym bag stolen from an unlocked locker in the University Community Centre later that day.

The next day, McGowan said they received reports that racist comments were allegedly being made by a speaker in the atrium. The complainant spoke to an officer who offered advice to the complainant, she added. "It sounded like the presentation had a personal emotional component. It presented itself as being heated and that's why we were called. When we went there everything was fine."

Later that evening, the UPD received a call that an individual who had previously received a trespass notice forbidding him from being in the UCC was breaking the notice. "We received a call he was where he is not allowed to be," McGowan said, adding he was located and charged.

The Student Emergency Response Team responded to the requests of a student in the UCC on Dec. 3 after she cut her forehead. McGowan said it appeared she had just given blood, which might have contributed to her feeling lightheaded. She was treated by SERT.

On Sunday, at a staff request, an individual was transported to the London Health Sciences Centre, university campus. "The staff were concerned as to the way the male visibly appeared." McGowan explained the concern was that something might have been slipped into his drink. He was taken to the hospital to have blood work done.

Yesterday a person was charged in the UCC after they attempted to steal three sweaters from the BookStore. McGowan said the crime, which occurred at around 1:30 p.m., will require the guilty party to report to a London police station for finger printing and make a court appearance in January.

Finally, a couple of fire alarms were activated late last week, McGowan said. Last Friday, an alarm went off at Alumni Hall around 7:30 p.m. as a result of the smoke generated from someone cooking. On Saturday, another alarm was activated at the loading docks at the lower level of the University Community Centre at 6 a.m., likely the result of exhaust fumes. No one was hurt in either instance.

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